Ms. Tachíria Flamenco


Top Flamenco Dancer in America” -So You Think You Can Dance

“Flamenco Star Ms. Tachíria Flamenco is living the dream” -Sunset Magazine

The stunningly iconic dancer & choreographer Carolé Acuña now legally goes by her Yaqui name “Tachíria” to honor her indigenous roots (it means ‘the light we share’) and “Flamenco” to honor her being the fifth generation flamenco dancer in her gitano family legacy. She has been named the “Top flamenco dancer in America” by the So You Think You Can Dance judges, is one of the featured professionals as “Living the Dream” & named a “Flamenco Star” by Sunset Magazine, is an Isadora Duncan Dance Award elite nominee in individual performance, a Sanford Meisner Film Festival Best Actress nominee, named “One of the funniest stand-up comedians in the Bay Area” by the Contra Costa Times, she tours internationally throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, Canada and the Americas. Tachíria Flamenco was one of the first originally chosen artists by Jennifer Lopez to be in “¡Que Viva! The Chosen”. She is the artistic director of Tachíria Flamenco’s Dance Music Theatre.

Being the fifth generation flamenco & spanish dancer in a gitano family legacy, Ms. Flamenco grew up in a flamenco and spanish dance house hold. Her mother (Carolina Lugo) and grandmother (Dora) taught her dance while various international artists came to live and collaborate with flamenco and spanish dance shows. Starting her dance training in ballet at the age of three, Tachíria balanced ballet, spanish dance, flamenco and school before turning professional at fourteen years of age. As a kid in school, she skipped a grade, was on the honor role, had a love for acting and creating plays, was constantly nominated the class clown so becoming an actor and comedian seemed like a good fit to help with with expressing the complexities of Flamenco. Eventually, Ms. Flamenco also became a professional actor and comedian at the age of twenty two, after she went through intensive training in both.

Ms. Flamenco is a BIPOC, mixed race, Yaqui, two spirit, feminist, survivor (of rape/domestic violence/cancer) now thriver, here to help people through her work which relate to the profoundly diverse and complex way of life, artform, culture that is Flamenco.

Tachíria has had the honor of being the flamenco protégé of Pepa Montes in Sevilla, Spain, where she has been living and intensively training every two years since she was invited during a dance tour when she was eighteen.

While being multifaceted, Ms. Flamenco respects the intracasies of each discipline, as she has studied each one vigorously, has over twenty years of professional experience, is growth oriented, continuously evolving. Her chosen genres are specific to her unique artistic vision as it shows in her work; flamenco is at the core of it. She is currently continuing her studies in grad school, while she continues to flourish in her artistic career and gives back to the community.